Institutional Strategies

Strategy Is Key To A Successful Relationship

When choosing an investment advisor, it’s important to understand what types of investment philosophy they follow. Ours is very straightforward. We believe:

Value investing outperforms broad market indices over time;

  • Free cash flow is the strongest fundamental of every company;
  • Greatest rewards can exist when improving fundamentals are not reflected in current valuation.
Our Ideal Investments

Within our institutional strategy, we identify companies based on four key attributes. We look for companies:

  • That have a niche competitive advantage;
  • Have high or increasing returns on capital;
  • Have the ability to generate significant free cash flow over a market cycle;
  • Where growth is funded internally.

Our company philosophy guides us to make a point of not selecting companies that are difficult to understand, have highly leveraged balance sheets, are M&A driven or declining in market Value..

Our Institutional Investment Process

When developing our investment strategy, we have a proven process that helps ensure we remain focused and true to your financial goals. Comprising of six steps, our investment process includes:

    • Investment Idea Selection
    • Quantitative Screening
    • Fundamental Analysis
    • Valuation Confirmation
    • Portfolio Construction
    • Portfolio Monitoring

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