Investment Philosophy & Approach

Preservation of Capital represents the core philosophy of the firm. We believe in a “winning by not losing” approach to investing. In other words, avoiding big losses in the portfolio allows the math of compounding returns to be in our favor.

Olympus International would broadly characterize themselves as value investors who prefer to own a sustainable growth story.  Although the Firm focuses extensively on fundamentally based valuation metrics, our team is looking for more than just a cheap asset.

As conservative investment managers, Olympus International prefers companies with solid (not over-leveraged) balance sheets and business models that are uncomplicated, as opposed to those that are cluttered with financial instrumentation and complex business models.  We prefer income generating equity positions, although not exclusively so. Olympus International is looking to match solid growth rates with low valuations.

Olympus International also monitors the global macroeconomic environment for trends that may benefit particular industries or companies. This top-down addition to the investment process when combined with the primary bottom-up analytical approach provides Olympus International with companies that offer opportunities in the market and are poised to benefit from mid to long term economic, demographic, social or other trends.

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